Anchor Products


Bootleggers Craft Soda Range 330ml bottles

Bootleggers Caribbean Cola 330ml
Bootleggers Craft Lime & Soda 330ml
Bootleggers Craft Lemon Lime Bitters 330ml
Bootleggers Craft Ginger Beer 330ml
Bootleggers Rose Lemonade 330ml
Bootleggers Craft Dry Lemonade 330ml


Pixie Choccy Oat Milk 240ml
Pixie Straw Oat Milk 12x240ml
Parkers Sparkling NZ 12x500ml
Parkers NFC Orange Juice 12x350ml
Parkers Apple Juice 12x350ml
Parkers Apple & Pear Juice 12x350ml
Parkers Apple & Peach Juice 12x350ml

Fresh Anchor Milk

Anchor Blue
Anchor Lite
Anchor Silver
Anchor Blue
Anchor Trim
Anchor Lite
Anchor Calci +
Anchor Bio Bottle
Anchor Blue
Anchor Trim
Anchor Lite
Anchor Calci +
Zero Lacto
Blue 300ml
Dairy Dale Blue
Dairy Dale Lite
Dairy Dale Trim

Specialty Milks

Anchor Organic Milk
Anchor A2 Blue 2L

Anchor Cream and Custard

Anchor 2ltr Cream
Anchor 500ml Cream
Anchor 300ml Cream
Anchor Custard Vanilla 600g

Budget Brands

Dairy Dale Blue Milk
Dairy Dale Lite Milk
Dairy Dale Trim 2L

Only Available to Foodstuffs

Value Blue 3L Milk
Value Lite 3L Milk
Value Blue 2L Milk
Value Lite 2L Milk
Value Trim 2L Milk
Value Blue 1L Milk
Pams Cream 500ml
Pams Cream 300ml
Simply Blue 2L
Simply Lite 2L

Dairy Free Milk

Oat Milk 1Lt - Barista All Good
Vitasoy Cafe
Vitasoy Cafe for Baristas - Almond Milk
Vitasoy Oat Cafe
Alpro for professionals Soya 1L
Alpro for professionals Almond 1L
Alpro for Professionals Oat 1L
Alpro for Professional Coconut


Primo Choc 1.5ltr 6 pack
Primo Strawberry 1.5ltr 6 pack
Primo Banana 1.5ltr 6 pack
Primo Lime 1.5ltr 6 pack
Chocolate 500ml 12 pack
Strawberry 500ml 12 pack
Banana 500ml 12 pack
Lime 500ml 12 pack
Primo Coffee 500ml
Caramel Crave 500ml 12 pack
Wicked White Choc 500ml 12 pack


Mammoth Original Coffee Fix 1.5L 6 pack
Mammoth Original Fix Coffee 600ml 12 pack
Mammoth Double Shot Fix Strong Coffee 600ml 12 pack
Mammoth Mocha Fix Coffee and Chocolate 600ml 12 pack
Mammoth Protein Fix Chocolate 600ml 12 pack
Mammoth Protein Fix Original Coffee 600ml 12 pack

Anchor Calci Yum 250ml by the CARTON

Calci Yum Chocolate CTN (24)
Calci Yum Banana CTN (24)
Calci Yum Strawberry CTN (24)

Remedy Organic Kombucha

Remedy Kombucha Organic Apple Crisp 330ml (12)
Remedy Kombucha Organic Cherry Plum 330ml (12)
Remedy Kombucha Organic Ginger Lemon 330ml (12)
Remedy Kombucha Organic Raspberrry Lemonade 330ml (12)
Remedy Kombucha Organic Passionfruit 330ml (12)
Remedy Kombucha Organic Mango Passion 330ml (12)


Otakiri Springs Still Water 1.5l
Otakiri Springs Still Water Sport Bottle 12 x 750ml Carton

Phoenix Organics

Apple Juice
Apple Feijoa
Apple and Guava
Orange Mango
Apple and pear
Blackcurrent and apple
Mango Passion
Peach and raspberry

Phoenix Carbonates

Phoenix Sparkling Mineral Water
Phoenix Cola
Phoenix Lemonade
Phoenix Organic Ginger Beer
Phoenix Lemon Lime and Bitters
Phoenix Orange Soda
Phoenix Raspberry Soda

Phoenix Hot Beverages


Large Format Juices

2Ltr Cranberry
2Ltr Orange
Grove Squeezed Apple 1475ml
2Ltr Pineapple
2Ltr Tomato

Kids Pouches

Orange Kids Pouch 200ml x10pk
Apple Kids Pouch 200ml x 24pk
Blackcurrent Kids Pouch 200ml x 24pk

Charlies Honest Fizz


Charlies Honest Juices

Charlies 300ml
Charlies 500ml
Apple 300ml

Charlies Fruit Fix

Spirulina 300ml

Charlies 500ml Quenchers

Quencher Lemonade
Quencher Mango Orange
Quencher Rasberry LEMONADE
Quencher White Peach & Passion
Quencher Mandarin and Lime

Lipton Ice Tea

Lipton Icet Peach 12 x 500ml
Lipton Icet Mango 12 x 500ml
Lipton Icet Lemon 12 x 500ml
Lipton Icet Raspberry 12 x 500ml

Anchor Protein Plus

Staffroom Supplies



Tasty Cheddar Grated 5kg
Mozzarella Grated 5kg
Pizza Blend Grated 5kg
Valumetric Cheese Grated Blend 5kg
Parmesan Shaved 1kg
Parmesan Shredded 1kg
Mainland Edam 1kg
Mainland Block Edam 250g
Mainland Block Colby 250g
Mainland Block Tasty 250g
Mainland Cheese Block Colby 12x500g FLO
Mainland Cheese Block Edam 500g
Anchor Proc Swiss SOS 10X1040G
Anchor Proc Col SOS 10X1040G
Anchor Proc Pal (swich) SOS 10X1040G
Mainland Cheese Proc SLC Tasty 250g
Perfect Italiano Ricotta 500g

Specialty Cheese singles

Creamy Feta 2kg
Creamy Brie 1kg wheel
Kapiti Kikorangi Wheel 1kg

Specialty Cheese by the CARTON


Canary Butter Pastry Sheets Unsalted 10 x 1kg
Mainland Butter Salted - BOX (20 units)
Mainland Butter Salted
Mainland Butter Unsalted - BOX (20 units)
Mainland Butter Unsalted 500g
Anchor Butter Salted - BOX (20 units)
Anchor Butter Salted 500g
Minidish Butter 144 pack
Country Soft Blend
Mainland Butter Buttersoft 375g
Anchor Dairy Blend


Anchor Sour Cream 4kg
Anchor Sour Cream 250gm
Anchor Sour Cream Lite 250gm
Country Goodness Cheese & Onion Dip 250gm
Country Goodness Kiwi Onion Dip 250gm
Fresh n Fruity Strawberry 1kg
Country Goodness Sour Cream and Chives Dip 250gm
Anchor Cream Cheese 2kg
Anchor Cream Cheese 250gm
Fresh n Fruity Vanilla Bean 1kg
Anchor Protein Plus BLUEBERRY 180g
Anchor Protein Plus STRAWBERRY 180gm
Fresh n Fruity Strawberry 6x150gm
Fresh n Fruity Apricot 6x125gm TRAY (4)
Anchor Calciyum Dfd Wkd Chocolate 125gm
DeWinkel Plain Unsweetened Yoghurt 4kg
DeWinkel Unsweetened 600gm CTN (12)

Foodservice Meats

Hellers Kransky Jumbo 2.5kg
Hellers Continental Frankfurters 3KG
Hellers Streaky Bacon 1kg (1 BOX-10x1kg)
Hellers Streaky Bacon 1kg
Hellers 1Kg Middle Bacon Pre Cooked Rindless (1 BOX-9x1kg)
Hellers 1Kg Middle Bacon Pre Cooked Rindless

Free Range Eggs

6 trays of 30 CAGE FREE 7s Eggs (box)